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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raoul Sinier - Guilty Cloaks ALBUM REVIEW

Take a seat in the striped chair and adjust the throw pillows; keep your eyes open for any paranormal activity. Guilty Cloaks is a one man electronic show combining a variety of synths with break beats and electrified vocals. Raoul creates all of this from a midi keyboard and a mic from his home; he has an ear for synths and is a capable drum programmer.

There are hip-hop drum beats with dark distorted bass and eerie keys on "Overture 5". "She's a Lord" keeps the dark bass line, but switches the beat to a more upbeat electronica style. The vocals are a bit haunting, with ghastly synths backing them and an ample amount of knob turning warping the beat. It's music to accompany a ghost hunt in a haunted house. Raoul is playing with the darker end of the synth and vocal spectrum. Grittier synths and a vocal sample on "Green Lights" with some live sounding drums. A bleeding synth drapes over the track with industrial sounding percussion. At 2:24 it breaks into a new beat with a piano melody, and backing vocals. Danc-y beat on "Too Late"; he's a dark vampire in a castle as the candles fly about, and the occasional bat flys across the room. Skeleton's dance clicking their bones to the beat. "Flat Street" has electric guitar with a dark bleeding synth. He plays with the drum loop on "Winter Days" cutting it off, resetting it and mixing in other beats until 1:32 where it hits harder and has a floating three note keyboard melody. "Summer Days" has brighter keys and vocals. "Walk" has fast-pace synths and distortion popping in. The track sounds like UNKLE; trip-hop drumming with airy vocals. Clinking percussion and double-tracked vocals tell the curious inquisitors to move before they are locked inside the abandoned house.

Guilty Cloaks has some enjoyable breakbeats and dark synth work. The vocals don't add much or detract from the work, he has an alright voice. He does his own videos; he's a visual artists as well as a musician. He should take the UNKLE route and stick to production and songwriting. Getting a more gifted vocalist could take his work from good to great.


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